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Spreader Bar Hammocks

The addition of a spreader bar gives a hammock a wider and flatter lying surface. This makes it far easier to get into and out of, which is perfect for the hammock novice.

What is a spreader bar hammock?

The spreader bar is the wooden bar at each on of the lying surface. The bar is normally made of wood and is used to hold the hammock flat.

They are designed so that the hammock user can lie lengthwise, rather than the diagonal position of the non-spreader bar hammock. This gives a shadow free experience and is perfect for sunbathing in and for short naps, but perhaps not so comfortable for a long sleep.

If they are not hung tautly there can be a danger of them spinning or flipping over. The tighter the hang the more comfortable they are too. They require a bit more space than a non-spreader bar hammock to give the perfect hang. The hanging points should be at around a quarter of the total length. EG: if you have a hammock with a total length of 4 metres, then it should be hung at 1 metre off the ground.

If you are not sure what type of hammock to buy, we have put together a guide to the different types of hammocks. You can find it here. We are also happy to offer advice, so feel free to get in touch with our experienced team.